Interactive-kinetic typography

The fine art is an opened system. The crossing of the genre-border is essential and natural, which is reflecting with itself and breaks its own borders. This master thesis works with this system.  I used two technical methods to create a more objective view between typography and natural rules.
My aim is to create an interactive space with the help of the context or the communication’s channel and the user, which can be a moving application.

This work contents two mainly parts: a web application and an installation which based on magnetism. The installation overshadows the interaction and highlights the natural processes, but it represents the same theory and method like the online tool.

Thanks to László Balázs Svidró for the application programming.



Thesis work

Typing Machine: First test on paper with moving magnet

Typing machine under power

Web application: Virtual Magnetic Typwriter

Special thanks to Viktória Jurta and László Balázs Svidró.