Director: Kati Glaser
Production company: Kecskemétfilm Ltd.
Producer: Ferenc Mikulás

62 Minutes

Based on the tv-series ”Urban Legends” awarded by ANIMA Córdoba International
Animation Festival 2019 (Argentina) – Special Mention in the category of animation series for TV

I have been working on this animation movie as layout artist, background artist and production assistant.


My name is Karolina, I’m a 10-year-old. Many of you might think that all the

things that I’m going to tell you about are just fantasies. But let me ensure you –
they are not.
I have proof, here it is: this photo album. I just love my family and gladly they
are all strange a little bit. In a good way of course. So, this film will be fun,
because it’s about them.


Poster, graphic design by Kati Glaser and Szabina Szenográdi